Posted by: macafla | February 24, 2010

Stonehaven & Dunnottar Castle

Stonehaven is a small village near Aberdeen, it is supposed to be a good beginners trip like us. We decided to go there on Saturday the 20th February at noon, sounded like a good plan. If there just wasn’t this tiny little detail.

It’s the 19th and I am sitting in class, it’s my only class today so I’m fine. After the class, Alex and me want to go shopping but there is an awful amount of snow falling down. We change the plan and just go to buy some food, you can’t do serious shopping with that much snow on the streets. Nevermind, we do the groceries then. Groceries included a bottle of Bacardi and Whisky as well. Since the girls are having a girls dinner we decided to do the same, and have gentlemen evening with good food and several drinks (that’s what we needed Bacardi and Whisky for). A flat party is also up this night, now you might be able to guess it what direction it is going and you are right. The night ends in my kitchen with a small after party (only 3 of us were left), but we were in good shape.

Saturday one hour to noon, I’m in my bed and feel still drunk from the last night. I know I should get up and ready for the trip but it takes some time to get out of bed. When I open the curtains I’m thrilled, the sky is blue and not the slightest sign of a cloud. This sight was motivating enough to get me to the meeting point by noon. When I arrive there two friends are already waiting (obviously they had a much quieter night), there are still 5 missing. Alex arrives a little later I decide to call Jesus:

Me: “Where are you?”

Jesus: “In my bed why?”

Me: “Aren’t you coming to Stonehaven?”

Jesus: “When?”

Me: “Now!”

Jesus: “Shit, ok I’ll be there in a sec…..”

One of the best calls I’ve ever had. Jesus is still not the last, one of the girls had a little trouble with some contents of her belly which wanted to get out there. But still we make it to the bus with “only” half an hour delay, we have to wait another hour for the train. In the train I realize that it was worth to get up today despite the hangover and tiredness, the view over the coast is amazing. After 15 minutes we are already in Stonehaven, we have two goals: Visit Dunnottar Castle and eat the supposedly best Fish ‘n’ Chips of Scotland. To reach the castle we have to walk 2.5 miles along the coast, the walk wouldn’t have been tough if there wasn’t this hangover. But the walk is beautiful as a walk can be, enough said here are the pictures.

Fish ‘n’ Chips in The Bay were good, the fish was excellent but I’ve had better chips in McDonalds. Next time I’ll have another fish instead of chips 😉


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