Posted by: macafla | February 16, 2010

Surfing in Abrdeen

When I learned that there’s a surf club here in Aberdeen, I was amazed. These guys must be crazy, surfing at these temperatures. So I had to try this and joined the surf club. On Saturday the 6th the first surf session was going to take place, so I had to get up and be at the meeting point at 11. Still a little bit drunk from yesterday, this may have been just right, I went there with Kali.

By the time everyone was there, we grabbed a 5mm wetsuit, shoes and a surf board. Unfortunately there were no gloves and hoods left, these are not so important anyway. A short bus ride to the beach and off again, now I was to discover the second worst part of surfing in Aberdeen. Changing into the wetsuit, outside in the wind of course. I didn’t dare to think of the worst part, which was changing back into your clothes again in the wind but when you are wet.

In the water it isn’t cold, except for my hands. I couldn’t feel them anymore after the first 20 minutes. Luckily we get a second instruction ashore, time to warm up a little. Although warming up is a little far-fetched since it is not warmer in the wind. I give it a second try anyway, back into the water!

Surfing is so much fun, I can’t imagine how it would be in Hawaii or Australia where girls surf in their bikinis. These kind of thoughts keep me warm in the cold sea of Scotland (4°C according to the internet). I even manage to stand on my board for a little time, just great! I like this sport, but it’s so exhausting and my hands nearly fall off. So I decide to call it a day and go ashore.

Changing back was really cold but it could have been worse. Now the second most important part of the session is up. Lunch at the Bobbin!!! Yeah I’m so hungry I could eat at least one cow. A Burger and a couple of beers have to do aswell 😉



  1. Hahaha…funny story!
    So, basically, close your eyes, think of another place and enjoy…haha


  2. Exactly, you would be a good surfer 😉

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