Posted by: macafla | February 9, 2010

First Week Summary (Part 2)

It’s Wednesday 12 pm and I am attending my first lecture in Aberdeen, fortunately it only lasts for half an hour and my day is done, great! So I’m off for lunch and later heading back to the accommodation campus, in the evening are several society meetings. Societies are a big thing and good chance to meet people in an informal way, I signed up for the International Society, the Malt Whisky Society and today I’m going to join the Aberdeen University Surf Club.

On Thursday I should make my experiences with british women, now if I knew this before I would probably have stayed home that night. So there we are, sitting in the Bobbin (closest pub to campus) drinking beer. The initial plan was to go there have a few drinks and then check out some club, we stick to the plan except for the ‘few’. By the time we leave the pub no more buses are going to the city and since we didn’t know where the clubs are we just called a taxi. The driver dropped us in front of the Pearl Lounge, entrance is 4 £ and the club is not even half full. Anyway, the drinks are cheap 90 p for a Screwdriver although you have to consider that it contains only 25 ml of Vodka. The three of us are sitting there drinking, having no bad thoughts and suddenly it happens.

All goes very fast and before we know what is happening to us each of us has a girl sitting next him. These girls knew their business, they just blocked the way out of the couch with their massive bodies. We try everything to get rid of them, but there is no chance. One girl even tries to make me more drunk by offering her Vodka-Coke to me, that was the point when started to feel a bit uncomfortable. Even a cigarette break does not help, one girl stays inside with Lukas aka Jesus and the other two are coming with me and Alex for a smoke. Now the whole ceremony is about to reach its peak, when we return from outside I try to tak to Lukas to give him a break from the girl. Then Lukas’ girl turns around and whispers in my ear: “I think you should love XY(name known to the author)”, seeing the expression on my face she then quickly corrects her self: “Not love, but at least kiss her.”. That was too much, I tell her that there is no way this is going to happen. This is the tipping point, the girls seem confused and reassemble to chat together. This is our chance we escape the club and jump into the next taxi, since we have to process the latest happenings we drink a bottle of wine at Alex’ place.

I am afraid to open my eyes on Friday morning, because I was expecting a quite evil hangover. Nothing, well this must be the sea breeze, I could get used to it. So I’m for a lecture, it is a level 4 lecture so I hoped it would be more interesting than the last one. But no, lecturer explains how to do a presentation, I don’t know who many times I have heard this before. I spend the afternoon searching the city for floorball shoes, or something similar…. without success.  But the evening was promising a friend from Czech Republic invited us to her flat for dinner. The dinner consists of strawberry dumplings topped with cottage cheese, butter and sugar. It tasted more like a desert for what I’m used to, but I loved having a desert as a main course. For the right finishing Kali even served an original home made ‘Slivovitza’ (I don’t how to write it, but I guess you understand). We just stay Kali’s kitchen until 2 o’clock drinking and talking, it was such a lovely evening thank you again Kali!


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