Posted by: macafla | February 7, 2010

First Week Sumary (Part 1)

After extensive consideration I decided to switch to the English language, I was asked to so by friends who don’t speak german at all. People back home will understand anyway, so why not. Now I will share my experiences from the first week here.

The first two days were not exactly what I call relaxing, but anyway I got through. It was not easy getting organised, there still are many things of an administrative nature to get done. Anyway this is probably not what you want to hear, so let’s tell you about the fun part.

Tuesday evening was big freshers event called ‘Céilidh’, this is a traditional Scottish dance party and I heard that they are great fun. So I convinced my friends from the taxi to join me, which wasn’t a very difficult task because some of them wanted to go anyway. The whole thing starts at 7:30 pm, it’s not what continental Europeans are used to but we showed up that early nonetheless.

It turned out that coming early was the right decision, as the doors open we get to taste two whiskies and some strange orange lemonade. Since the lemonade looks kind of radio-active I decide to stick with the whisky, they offer Laphroiag and Macallen. Fortunately we can taste them several times, because you can not experience the full taste with only one sip. Suddenly the band starts to play and everyone is rushing to the dance floor, and I have the feeling that we should join the fun. The Scottish dances are not quite the same as in central europe, the only thing I know that comes closest is probably square dance but still it’s very different. The band is giving instructions, grab a partner and line up next to each other in a huge circle. That was the easy part. The steps weren’t actually difficult, but since everyone has to the same at the verx same time, it is quite challenging. Especially with so many beginners. The Céilidh turns out to be so much fun, I couldn’t have imagined. After the first dance session, we get some realScottish food: ‘Stovies’ and the famous ‘Haggis’. There are several roumors discrediting the Scottish ‘cuisine’ but I must admit I like the food. We are having some more of the Scottish liquids and dances. At around 11 pm party ends and everybode is kicked out, the bouncers are totally strict no way we can have another drink. That’s it then, it was lovely evening and tomorrow I will appreciate the strictness of the bouncers, when I’ll realise that my head is not hurting at all.

to be continued….


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